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    I'm in trial mode with ZLink and would like to ask:

    I use TeamStats for soccer games in my Treo650.
    Now I transfered it to card, it's working fine with link, but when I'm HotSync now even report saying that db files were updated it is not (internal or card)...
    (soccer results are updated every day). Showing old results, not updated.
    I tried to keep TeamStats prc files on card and dbase in memory (?) (Is it possible to keep dbase in internal memory and prc files on card?) - BTW it can be a non sense as usually dbase files are the problems of files sizes...

    Any suggestion? Or should I keep this app and its dbase in internal memory and not use ZLink for it.

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    Ask the folks to get a definative answer.. But I would think that it should work the way you had it. It might be that ONE thing needs to stay in ram. Like with Avantgo, AGConnect must stay in ram but the rest can be moved.
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    Thank you khaytsus.
    I moved back app and dbase files to internal memory and transfer again only the app.
    Now it is working fine!
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    Shame that the databases can't move, since you said those are the largest part of them.. Still might ask the ZZTechs guys, they're usually helpful, if not sometimes a little slow to respond.
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    With ZLauncher it is a matter of moving those db files over to the same folder on the SD card where the program is placed (/palm/Programs/Zlauncher/Apps/application folder. After that is done, when ZLauncher launches the app, it moves everything to RAM and when finished, back to the SD card. Ben

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