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    I had a long flight (3+ hrs) yesterday and listened to music via my Seidio headset. When I landed and tried to use the phone it would connect but I couldn't hear anything. I later discovered the only way I could hear the phone was via the plugged in headset. I have tried several soft resets and taking the battery out and powering back up but it appears the 650 believes the headset is permanently plugged in.

    Any suggestions?

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    do you see the sticky on top of the treo 650 hardware forum where it says "audio problems"? you might wanna check it out...
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    Sounds like your speakers gone, it should work on handsfree as well, but i would get it replaced by palm or your network provider. (Could try a hard reset just in case, i doubt it will make a difference but is worth a try.)
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    I did check the sticky about audio problems and it hit the problem on the head. Sorry I missed the obvious. I did the fix by torquing the plug and also did the software fix. Maybe I can get Sprint to replace it with a 700P?


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