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    I'll start out by saying I'm confused. I want my internet connection on my treo to go over to my laptop. Isn't the bluetooth modem thing mean that I need to dial some type of number? I don't have a number to dial? I'm just always connected via my treo 650 (unlocked GSM).

    Is it possible for my laptop to be able to access the internet via my treo's cellular data connection?

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    See this excellent handbook first:
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    Thru PDA Net installed on ur 650 and laptop u can surf the net.
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    Green Hex Hi!!!

    How is GPRS of BSNL and their charges?
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    Quote Originally Posted by carn_ival
    GreenHex Hi!!!
    How is GPRS of BSNL and their charges?
    Rs. 199/- per month for unlimited downloads at home network and
    2 Paise/Kbps roaming... (Rs. 199/- ~ 5 USD). 199/- includes free MMS
    (not available at my location, though) See:

    The connection quality is good enough for upto 15kbps streaming audio
    and the continuous stream of SPAM emails from my four email accounts.

    - mvk
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    Really, what does PDAnet do that DUN w/ Bluetooth doesn't?
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    To be honest not a lot if anything, but what it does do is make the whole process a lot easier for less techno people.
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    So how do I access the Internet using my phone's data connection via Bluetooth? I have a Bluetooth adapter on my laptop and I have Bluetooth DUN enabled on the phone.
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    Nevermind, reading it now.
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    Ok well my laptop is connected (says it is anyway) but it won't pull in any data. Server not found, page cannot be displayed, OE can't connect to my IMAP or POP3 accounts, nothin except 8,504 bytes sent and 475 received. The bytes out increase when I try but not the bytes in; the 475 was what was used to connect. Help!?
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    Fixed. It just started working. LOL.

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