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    Does anyone know if:

    1. there are generic batteries for the 650? Or are they a custom size that only fits the 650? I'm thiinking that if these batteries are used in other devices, I may be able to get a better deal.

    2. Is 2400mWh as big as they come?

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    Search and ye shall find.

    Try the accessories forum. I know there are other brands of batteries besides Palm's.
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    The battery style is unique to the Treo, but there are third-party versions of this battery. Be aware that aftermarket batteries in some cases have been linked to fire and explosion danger. Be sure you buy from a reputable dealer.
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    Seidio makes a battery with 30% longer life....lenty of threads on it in the accessories section.....try searching by title on "650 battery" or batteries" in accessories section

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