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    and the best app for music is TCPMP. pocketunes crashes a lot on me and wipes out my memory too. TCPMP is usually solid, albeit not as user friendly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcorliss
    A backup on a SD card, or even on two cards (one not in the Treo). I wouldn't leave home without it...
    I second that one! It can be quite a pain in the a$$ when your Treo blows up on you when you don't have a handy backup or any sort of computer access!

    Quote Originally Posted by cgordonn
    I like to keep KMaps on my phone when I am traveling. It and DA Assistant complement each other when your trying to find something, or trying to get "un-lost".
    Oh so true! I think everyone who has those 2 programs can definately relate to that one!

    Quote Originally Posted by JeeMan
    The icon says it all:
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    Quote Originally Posted by darksoul
    I would like to second worldmate, it is expensive but worth it, if you do a lot of international traveling. I especially like the itinerary feature, which gives you one-handed controlled popup windows of your flights numbers and times. Great for when you are running through an airport with your luggage in one hand.
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    oh yeah and Shure heaohones.
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    I downloaded a couple of books to read on my last flight. This is a matter of personal preference as some people don't like looking at the small screen too long, but I love it. I download all my books from (formerly

    Enjoy your trip.
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    My iPod full of songs, audio books ( and movies. Books and games.

    I don't get out much these days That, and i just got my Treo last week!

    And, the backup - i've used mine on my Clie lots of times. I agree - don't leave home without it!
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    If you're leaving the country, I highly recommend Currency, freeware. I've used it for years and it's top notch software (just started using the automatic update via hotsync, although I guess we can just d/l the update).
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    I kep the same stuff ont hat's always assortment of e-books is the only thing I might check and see if I have enuff unread stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    oh yeah and Shure heaohones.
    Shure does make some of the best audio equip!
    i am a local dj and i know that the E series of headphones can run you from 100-500 dolla. if you have any of these what model do you have and what do you think. worth the dough?
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    Never leave without your USB ziplinq charger and syc is the best tool and real small and lightweight...I also use a program called Area Codes for when I want to know where a call is coming from..
    I agree with "Flt Status" and pocket tunes...
    Good Travels,
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    When I go on a trip I load nothing on my Treo that hasn't been on for a least a week. The last thing you want is to be on the go, away from your PC, and have some new software crashing your Treo.
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    Movies, podcasts, audible files and doc files of news articles.
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