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    i think i may have missed a step in trying to configure my treo 650
    to do the imap thing
    i have an acct. that i use as my server
    i am keeping my old e-mail so i have yahho! forwarding my mail to
    my new everyone adress
    and chatter is set up as directed in the pdf manual
    but nothing seems to be happening
    and yes i waited till i got the verification from that my adresss was ready
    where have i gone wrong
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    Could you send me a log that includes using the "Reset Connections" menu command? Instructions for logging are in the FAQ at

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    i am getting a sending error 535 authentication failed
    is that a port issue?
    methinks i am in over my head
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    That means your login name and/or your password aren't correct in the SMTP Profile.


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