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    I've tried two different headsets, Jabra BT250v and the Plantronics 640. Both headsets seem to have the same problem. The incoming voice is perfect but the outgoing seems to cut out. I've asked multiple people who say they are guessing my words because every few minutes I cut out or the voice is dropped and then is picked back up. I didn't have a clue until I had my wife call me and experienced this myself.

    Has anyone else experienced this on the Treo 650? Is this a Bluetooth 1.1 issue, a Treo issue, or a headset issue?

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    More than likely a compatibility issue...

    What happens is that you can always hear the person on the other end through your headset, but any noise on their end, their voice, dog barking, baby crying, wind howling, them coughing, etc., will mute your voice, and to them it sounds like you're breaking up.

    This is not the headset's fault, but a compatibility problem within the Treo.

    My Motorola headsets both exhibit this problem, too, but when I pair them with my laptop and use them for Skype calls, this problem does not exist.

    I have never read a definitive answer to if there are any BT headsets in existance that the Treo doesn't have this problem with.

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