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    I have used a 2GB SD card for a while now. I am planning on getting a 4GB card soon. Has anyone used one successfully yet?
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    yep, if you do up a custom rom with fat32 support. i've been using the a-data 150x 4gb card for several weeks now flawlessly.

    I should add, if you search for 'fat32', you should come up with plenty of info to help you get it goin'
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    read the thread by jamesgangut entitled something like: 'custom rom - tips and tricks' every possible link is there.
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    I use it with no problems AFTER: Initializing the card with the CARD INFO program built in. DO NOT format with a card reader. This caused Ptunes to not work properly- the root ID of the card was mangled.

    Of course, you neet Fat32.

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