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    I looked through the posts and didn't quite see an answer to either of these, but perhaps I missed it. Anyway:

    1. Will the T650 batteries work on the T700p? I have a spare battery and it would be nice to be able to use it on the T700p. I'm guessing yes...

    2. So, when Sprint says that you can get the price discount (I think $399 instead of $649) if you sign up for a two year contract, does that mean that as an existing customer, I can get that price by extending my current deal for two years (adding on PowerVision and all that), or does the $399 only apply if you are a brand new customer who walks in the front door and gets a brand new phone number, etc.?

    Thanks. FWIW, I'm disappointed in the lack of wi-fi as well. Perhaps that will be in the Treo 850. (!)
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    Yeah, it's the same battery. As far as the cost for the device, that $399 price is for new customers or people eligible for an upgrade. I don't know what Sprint's policy is off the top of my head, but they usually let you upgrade a month or two before the end of a one year contract and three to four months before the end of a two year contract.

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    I believe the 700P has 100ma more.

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