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    Hi folks,

    I sync my Treo 650 pretty much exclusively with my workplace PC. However, I'm going to change jobs soon and I can forsee wanting to sync with my home Apple iBook g4 OS 10.3.9 laptop. I can recall a couple of times that my sync'ing to my work PC got buggy after sync'ing my Treo to my home Mac. But I might be remembering it wrong.

    Can I sync safely to the 2 different systems, am I risking theoretical trouble, or am I causing proven trouble?

    -- Josh
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    I have an iMac G5 and an HP laptop. I used my HP to install the latest 650 upgrade software because Palm dragged (and still is) its *** with the Mac version of the update. I have Hot Sync'd on both machines. Now my 650 uses only one ringtone when my phone rings. I can no longer select my own ringtone for some reason. I'm thinking it may be from syncing on both machines.
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    I only recently began sync'ing with Outlook at work. Since my primary computer is my home Mac, on my first sync with Outlook I did "handheld overwrites desktop". The only Outlook conduits I'm using right now are Contacts and Calendar (I may add tasks later). It was a little buggy at first, and a few times I had to do "handheld overwrites desktop" in Outlook because events weren't sync'ing properly. Now for the past week or so it seems to have "settled in" and all conduits on Mac & PC are set to synchronize.

    On the Mac I'm using the Missing Sync because sync'ing with iSync and the Palm desktop on my old 600 was an absolute nightmare - the Missing sync solved a lot of issues. I've never used the Palm Desktop & conduits for the 650, so I can't say whether they've improved or not. Considering the wonderful Mac ROM updater support we have, I can assume not.

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