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    I currently have a personal account that is getting a business discount through my employer. I have an s-corporation on the side. Is there any advantage to me converting it to my business? I know I'd lose the current discount, but does it help me business wise?

    I'm asking because I'm thinking that if I went this route, I could possibly get a better rate on the 700p when it somes out, possibly even a rebate. To be honest, it's probably better to keep it as is, but if there is a business benefit for getting the new Treo, I'd at least like information on it so I can make an informed decision. Thanks!
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    It depends how big your personal company is. Your current discount will probably be better. By the way, since you're getting a corporate discount now, you're account is already considered a business account.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer. You're right; there is no advantage to changing it. I'll just have my business pay for the costs each month with my biz credit card. Since it's my "2nd line" in the house, it's fully deductible anyway. Take care!
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    You pay $649.

    Sprint gives you another beta product.

    Advantage: Sprint.

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    i was wondering the same thing i work for FEDEX and i get 23% of my monthly bill if i get a new line will i get a corporate discount on a new phone or is that for business accounts only?
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    I don't believe so. I went into a Sprint store asking something similar a couple of weeks ago when I tried out the 6700 (lasted less than 3 hrs). No discount on hardware.

    I've decided that my own corp will buy it for me. Since it's 100% deductible, being both computer equipment & a cell phone, it's all good. Coming out of the corp account vs. my personal account saves me payroll tax money. Having calls constantly going to voicemail while my phone is sitting right in front of me at home is driving me nuts. I'm looking forward to the stronger radio, and the EVDO will ensure that if Chatter or Causerie is pinging my network, a call won't be lost.

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