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    [ ******* NOTE: apparently i was just being crazy, and the site is just blocked where I work... no need for alarm it appears... ******* ]

    I hope I'm just being paranoid here, but why was there stuff on the sprint site this week about the treo 700p, like the press release, and such, and now there are no more references to the 700 at all? It just seems conspicuous to have that stuff post publicly on their site, and then have it removed... it's a press release, how can they possibly stuff something that public back in the bag?

    This was the URL that I saw for myself on Tues of this week on main page:

    And here's the google text-only cache of it, in case that link is still broken/taken down (which i think it is):

    however, a few obscure references to "treo 700" on DO remain... i now notice these were there way back in march, wish i had found them earlier, could have settled a lot of the "what if" speculation...

    specifically, in the developers guide here:

    And, of course, the google cached html/text version here, in case the other link dies:

    anyone have any thoughts on why sprint is back to being so close-mouthed about treo 700? and why doesn't their website spell out any specifics about any of these "PAM" plans and how they will interplay with the Power Vision plans?
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    Press release is still there.. so I think you were just being paranoid there. Like you said it must be broken and they fixed it.
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    PERRY!!!! Return the cards dude, the 700P has been pulled from the site...
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    It was just taken out of the title. The body of the post still mentions "700p" 13 times from my count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    PERRY!!!! Return the cards dude, the 700P has been pulled from the site...

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    sorry for the unnecessary alarm then... for some reason, where i am working, that whole "news/press release" site on sprint (www2....) just doesn't work anymore, it did, but has stopped... pages time out after like 2 minutes with a gateway error of some sort.

    the fact that the press release links were not working for me got my paranoia up. but then when i tried to use google to do a search of the sprint site, for references to "treo 700", it didn't return anything, except those previously posted obscure developer guide references.

    so glad i'm just crazy.
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    And relax....

    We have a treo 700p
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