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    ProfitWing Inc today unveiled the BluePearls Bluetooth headsets designed exclusively for women. With women becoming more technically savvy by the minute, the Blue Pearls headsets would no doubt be appreciated by the fairer sex. Weighing just 7.9 grams and sporting an elegant and tasteful design, these new headsets are the smallest ever designed for women.

    The BluePearls BP7G headsets are available in seven different colors and looks pretty chic. Designed to be extremely cost effective and comfortable, the Blue Pearls headset has an extended talk time of up to 18 hours. It also has a unique “Power Bank” cradle which is capable of charging the headset when not in use. Each retail package contains three different sized ear pieces, a charger, a neck strap and a Power Bank Cradle. Women can further accessorize by buying the interchangeable face plates which includes colors like pearl silver, textured black, denim, pink, zebra, cheetah, orange, green swirl and camouflage.

    The BluePearls Headset has been targeted at the working women with families and those who are always on the go. They are priced at $79.95 and an additional $19.95 is charged for Color Pack accessory kit. For more information please visit http://www.BluePearls.US
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