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    my treo 600 keeps making the charger connect and disconnect sound once i keep it pluged it overnight and is charged to 100%. it doesnt make the sound long as it is kept in the plug, until i unplug it after it is to 100%.

    then the sond stops once after it is up to about 95% or below ... the sound is sorta random at times and also it happns when i turn off the screen/key lock ...

    also it never says charged, even after it has been plugged in allnight even once it has reached 100%

    i searched the faqs and forums but cant really seem to find anything... unless im searching the wrong thing....

    SEARCHED: connect disconnect alert, connect disconnect sound

    any explaination... i relaly dont want to get it fixed cause palm charges 199 or soemthing... and well thats relaly not worth it.. i jsut need another 5 months out of it... until i can get a new treo free with my cell phoen contract.
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    I had the same problem Homer. Started happening with on my 600 the first week of April. Luckily (unluckily?) I started at a new job a few days later and they issued me a blackberry to use. I'm stuck using it until the new GSM version treo comes out.

    I called customer support, because mine also has since started going into a reset loop on its own (and all resets, even soft resets) act like hard resets. They offered to replace with a refurbished 600 for $169. They waived the $25 advance replacement fee, but still would have been $169 (instead of $194) and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much for a temporary phone. Doesn't help you at all, other than to comfort you that your not the only one that had that problem......
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    Do you have any vision connection problems?
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    I'm ot sure about Homer, but I have a unlocked GSM version on the T-mobile network. Had no problems with GPRS or anything until the battery indicator and related beep problem. After that it was all downhill with the reset problem happening a few days later ....but before the reset problem i still had no problem with GPRS even after the battery indicator problem had started.
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    well mine is the palm gsm phone its not branded... and i have tmobile service.. but eya thsi problem is the only thing bothering me.should i just not let it charge to 100%

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