I have a second hand Treo 600. Shortly after I got it I realized that the battery the battery died after one phone call. I used it as a PDA and not a phone for a while and it performed much better. However, the same thing soon started happenning. I replaced the battery a month and a half ago, it worked great both phone and PDA functions, until 2 weeks ago.

First, there was alot of noise on the line, so I though may be an antenna problem. Then I couldn't even answer calls, the answer button the screen wasn't working. Then the battery charge suddenly disappearred and the phone shut down. I openned it reseated the battery and charged it. As soon as I plugged it in the charge went to 40% (not a good sign), it took only 5 mins to charge (another not good sign). I launched one app and the charge again disappeared. I recharged it. The same thing happenned.

I took it to a technician, he checked both batteries old and new, he said that they're both fine. He checked the phone, found nothing wrong, plugged it in to charge using the old battery. It charged properly, I made and received phone calls with it, it seemed fine.

However, when I put in the new battery, it charged fully in 5 mins then died shortly after, this was done a couple of times with the same result. I sent the new battery back to the supplier. They asked a couple of questions and said that it wasn't the battery, it's the motherboard.

I've been using the treo with the old battery in it as a PDA and not a phone for the past week or so, now the old battery that seemed to be working fine is giving problems again. The charge mysteriously disappears. I get the propt that the battery is low, or that it's shutting down in 25 secs, but when I turn the screen of and then on again the prompt disappears and when I check the battery indicator, it seems to be alomst fully charged, but sometime after that the charge evaporates and it shuts down. Basicaly, it's performance is inconsistent, sometimes I can use it to list to music for a while and other times it just shuts down.

This morning was a mystery. It was plugged in charging all night, I turned it on to listen to some music only to find that it had reset all the software and data, everything gone, but the battery's fully charged. I get to my office, sync it with the PC then launch RealPlayer and there goes the charge.

Please help!