I have a new 650 with service from Cingular. I am already on my second device with this new account--I had to return the first one because it refused to get data, even after a hard reset.

Now this device, which I have had for one day, is even more faulty. Every time it's left alone for more than 20 minutes, it shuts down and refuses to turn back on. The only way to restart it is to remove the battery and replace it. Obviously, this device is not going to be much use as a cell phone, since it shuts itself off every 20 minutes.

Both Cingular and Palm are telling me I have to do a hard reset, which will wipe all the Goodlink software and configurations that my hard-working IT staff have now loaded for me TWICE. I really don't want to do that--especially since I did a hard reset of the first machine, and even that didn't work to fix it. I had to send it back and get a new one.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and more importantly, do you have a fix for it?