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    I have an unlocked AT&T Treo 650 (GSM) and I am having some wierd things going on. I flashed the device using Cingular's latest update (Firmware - 01.51, Software - Treo650-1b.17-CNB) in an effort to resolve this issue (I was using 1.71 and 1.20 ROW/EN or whatever that is) but it hasn't worked.

    If I perform a soft reset on my phone and use it normally, within 6 hours I will start to get multiple audible clicks when going from anywhere to the phone app or vice versa. There should only be one click. If I keep running it in this condition, after a few more hours it gets to be 3 or 4 clicks. That's when the network issue start. I'll be browsing the web in Blazer and all of a sudden I can get no data in or out. When this is happening, if I try to use the data connection in any other app such as ChatterEmail or VeriChat, none of them will work. If I put my phone close to my PC speakers, I can hear the interference (normal) but it doesn't sound right. Rather than the sound it usually makes (randomly-timed noises), it's a constant "tick tick tick tick" endlessly. The only way I can use GPRS again is to disconnect and reconnect to Cingular, but the multiple ticks and quick eventual data connection loss occurs again. This only seems to happen when I'm getting the multiple audible ticks to and from the phone app and when I use Blazer. Although I still have the multiple "ticks" in the phone app, I can use any other network app without issue.

    The only way I can completely resolve the issue is to perform another soft reset on the phone, but if I immediately start using Blazer, it starts again in under an hour and the whole process starts again. Is this being caused by memory issues or...what's going on?
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    Had to hard reset phone and manually re-insert all contacts and PIM data and reinstall all apps. Issue resolved.

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