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    I have Sprint & a Treo 650. I've been having probs sending pictures from my "Pics & Videos" application.
    When I highlight a picture and click on the top left (Media menu) then send, it simply refreshes the pics & videos screen. I used to be able to choose between versamail and bluetooth, but can't anymore.
    Separately, I've been having trouble when I click on the mail icon at the bottom (to send via sprint's picturemail).
    It goes through the connection process, starts to upload and gets about 5% of the way, then changes to the "Sharing Pictures" screen and goes back to my messages screen.
    Anyone experiencing this or have suggestions how to fix it?
    I do also have Splash Photo installed, but I uninstalled it and these problems still existed. Thanks in advance!
    Treo 650/Sprint PCS
    Marlton, NJ
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    I had the "Sharing Pictures" issue before. I did a soft reset and that got rid of it.
    Have you tried a soft reset yet?

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