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    Any good programs that track gas mileage?
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    FuelRecord 1.20 Anthony Kruize Freeware $0.00

    MyCar 5.10 Rahul Jain Freeware $0.00
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    Second pFuel. Love it, been using it since Oct 2005. It's free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3
    And have to think and knwo the logic behind it? I dont think so we have treos.

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    I'm partial to Automobil, been using it since 2001!
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE MPG by Catamount. I tried a couple and that was by far my fav. BUT, i started having issues with it running on my Clie, and i'm afraid to try it on my Treo now.

    BUT, it is an awesome app!!! (yes, it cost more - but hey, even my Dad was impressed and bought it!)
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    TealAuto rocks pretty hard! Love it!
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    HighwayMan seems to be good for me.

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