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    Does anyone know of a software similar to Novii Remote that will be able to control my air con? Hope someone knows of an air con control software i can install into my Treo650 to control my room air con. Thanx in advance.
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    Generally the Treo is not very useful as a remote control because the IR wont work more then a few feet away.

    I am not sure of any palm software that is specific to AC devices. Perhaps if you have the original remote you could try a program called Omni-Remote, it should allow learning of new IR codes. But of course you would have to have the original remote.
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    I used OmniRemote on my Kyo 7135 to control my air conditioner. I don't think Omni works on the Treo, though. And, as stated, even if it does the IR port is so weak that by the time you were close enough for it to work, you could just reach out and touch the unit.

    I'm really hoping the Treo 700P will have a more powerful IR port.
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    But using novi remote you can "train" it to a device, all you do is get the trainning screen up and point the orginal control at the treo and press away, do it for all the buttons and job done. But you WILL disappointed with the range.
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    Well.....the problem is that the control is already dead

    Nevermind....looking at it, i better just buy a new control. Should be a lot easier. Thanx anyway guys.

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