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ShopWiki Mobile Search (beta) allows shoppers to quickly compare online product pricing or research product information before making an in-store purchase.

ShopWiki Mobile Search provides a simple search box in which users can type exactly what they are looking for, including price ranges and product features such as megapixels, carats, pounds, and gigabytes. This natural language shopping search capability, unique to ShopWiki, provides accurate results on queries as complex as "digital camera 4 mp over $300" or "400-600 watt amplifier."

With ShopWiki Mobile Search, shoppers get on-the-go access to some 60 million products crawled from more than 120,000 stores, the largest collection of products on the Internet. Unlike most shopping search providers, who rely on data feeds from retailers, ShopWiki uses advanced Web crawling and extraction technologies to index products.

Searching the most stores on the Web ensures mobile users will find the best pricing information for items like the "Rocky Mountain Slayer 30" bicycle or the "Magic Cook Kitchen" educational play set. With ShopWiki Mobile Search, shoppers can also consult more than 1,100 buying guides that provide buying information generated by ShopWiki users.

"Whether you're shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store, you want to know everything about a product," said Kevin P. Ryan, ShopWiki Co-Founder and CEO. "With ShopWiki Mobile Search, shoppers get price comparisons and buying guidance from the Web's most comprehensive resource all on their mobile phones."