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    I've been having a memory problem for a few weeks and you guys are the only ones I know I can turn to.

    First of its a Treo 600 and when I try to open the browser I get this message...

    Download Error

    There is not enough memory available on your drvice

    You can free up memory by deleting files or moving them to an expansion card.

    Programs on my palm are.....

    Bgpack - game
    bkgammon - game
    calc - utility
    card info
    city time
    Datemate - calendar
    Get Bc
    marbles2 - game
    memo pad
    pinball - game
    phone technician
    to do list
    Zagats to go

    And on my 128 mb card I have

    the actuall program for
    and Zagats to go

    and BJ Champ
    a tip calculator
    gts racing

    and there is 108 pics on the card and 32 on the reg drive.

    The card shows 9.7 mb used and 110.0 mb free of 119.7

    Can anyone suggest anything.

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    If you're using the native email app, this is your culprit. This has been discussed several times. The mail file gets bloated over time due to the way it handles (mishandles) attachments. Delete the email account and create a new one with the same server settings. This needs to be done periodically - or even better, backup this empty mail account to SD and restore it when purging is again required. Don't forget to backup important emails (if you don't have it on a different device) by sending it to yourself before downloading it with the newly created account.
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    >>> Delete the email account and create a new one with the same server settings<<<

    Okay but at the rate of sounding stupid, how would go about creating a new one again ???

    >>>backup this empty mail account to SD<<<

    I have nothing that needs to be backed up. I used it for only viewing emails which I retrieve later on my pc. Settings would only be the issue but I can always re-enter them

    Would deleting this email app and getting something like snapper solve this problem in the future???
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    Whats the file name for the email app....I cant seem to find it on Filez or by just trying to delete it
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    Email_libr_HsMp_*******. Each account you create will have a file. Actually, you can just go to the email app and edit accounts. Delete the account and start over. Power users got around this by making a backup of the empty email account so they don't have to re-enter the settings. We just copy the empty file on top of the bloated one using FileZ. Hope this helps.
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    You people are the greatest! Everything seems to be fine now. I even read in another about fixing corupt photo files and I fixed that problem too and they're all happy now on the memory stick.

    Thanks again Quispus and ChemEngr!

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