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    I don't know if this was mentioned in other threads but the CNET review on the 700p implies that the Bluetooth PAM will work on the basic $15/month PowerVision plan and that only USB PAM would need the $50/month PAM. That's much easier to chew if the case.

    What's more, you have the option of connecting via Bluetooth or USB. The latter, however, will require that you sign up for the Sprint Power Vision Modem Plan ($39.99 per month for 40MB; $49.99 per month for unlimited) in order for you to connect the 700p to your PC or your laptop.
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    if thats the case, i would not hesitate to get the 700p.

    the paying 50 a month for PAM has been eating away at me and forced me to reconsider the upgrade.

    hope someone credible can confirm this as fact
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    That would be an odd distinction to make, although I can see a reason for doing so: many businesses do not allow bluetooth on their laptops, so this would be an effective customer segmentation strategy. I hope this is the case.
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    I know all the Sprint users are disappointed with the possibility that our unlimited ($10-$15) data gravy train is ending, but aren't we grabbing at straws here? This is a quick review from CNET and I think it's more likely that the review was simply poorly edited. "Latter" probably was drawing the distinction between on-device and DUN usage, but the on-device sentence was edited out to shorten the review. Run with it if you wish to keep hope alive, but nothing in Sprint's official press release would indicate that this distinction between Bluetooth DUN and USB DUN will occur. How would CNET even know this distinction exists? They're not receiving a bill for the service, so they could only go by the press release or perhaps in a press briefing. If they heard it in a press briefing, someone else would've noted this distinction as well.
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    I don't believe it. Since the DUN program in treo 700p is designed by PDANET author, I don't think he distinguish these two methods at all. The DUN in treo 700P may use the similar codes as PDANET, just use another plan as data source.

    I do think PDANET will have a version to bypass the tethering charge in treo 700p. The hole is there, if PDANET doesn't do it, other developer will pick it up.
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    I think this is just a grammatical miunderstanding. I think by the latter, he was referring to DUN and the PAM plan, while the former would be the PowerVision plan he mentioned in the end of the previous paragraph. He wasn't referring to BT vs. USB...

    Sprint doesn't care how you connect your phone for DUN, it just wants you to pay for it. Charging more for USB usage as opposed to BT usage doesn't make any sense.
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    Bluetooth DUN generally does not get better than 300Kbps, typically less. While I also think it could be a misunderstanding, it would be a decent way to deal with the issue.
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    That CNET review had/has two glaring errors from the get-go, so I would take the BT DUN comment with a healthy grain of salt.

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    Xenophite, while BT DUN may provide lower bandwidth than USB DUN, that should just be a bottleneck of Bluetooth. I would imagine that it's still moving through Sprint's network at the same rate, so I don't see why Sprint would give us BT DUN "for free". I agree that's probably a CNET screwup. That said, it sounds like Shadowmite knows how Sprint's smart-detection can be circumvented and if JuneFabrics wrote the code for Palm, it makes perfect sense that they would know how to do it as well. Whether or not Palm puts some pressure on them and nixes this remains to be seen.

    If not, I guess we'll have to count this as a nice gift for geeks. Though I wonder how much JuneFabrics will try to squeeze out of us for this? Hope they don't get greedy.
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    Tinman apparently wrote the article. Any feedback?
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    Nah...that doesn't seem likely, besides cnet reviews are pretty superficial to begin with. At this point the only hope for free "DUN/PAM" vi a1xEvDo is either a hack or the Junefabircs workaround....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Nah...that doesn't seem likely, besides cnet reviews are pretty superficial to begin with. At this point the only hope for free "DUN/PAM" vi a1xEvDo is either a hack or the Junefabircs workaround....
    Superficial...I don't even consider Cnet reviews.
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    Somebody please tell me how Sprint's network is going to know whether you connected your dial-up network connection through USB or Bluetooth? I've seen this question raised in other threads but I just don't think it's possible unless the packets are encoded with a Bluetooth signature of some kind.
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    the dun app built into the pda will drop the internet connection and reconnect under "dun" name. hence a program like pdanet would work easily as it wouldn't drop the connection and reconnect under the dun name.

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