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    I was wondering if there is any way to effectively connect my Treo to the car stereo so I could listen to streaming Internet radio stations while driving? I've tried using a cassette adapter plugged into the Treo's headphone jack but the RF interference which passes through the car speakers is quite significant. Has anyone else successfully figured out a way to do this?
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    My issue is a bit more narrow. I I have no problem playing MP3 files on my Treo through the car stereo using a cassette adaptor, but if I try to stream internet radio since the Treo is constantly pulling down a signal this interferes a lot with the car stero (i.e., static on the speakers) and I was wondering specifically about this interference and if there is a way to shield it so you could use the Treo as a makeshift satellite radio in the car.
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    No problem, this means you're a GSM user (not CDMA). Unfortunately this is the nature of GSM, it does produce interference on amplified speakers. I don't know of a way to effective RF shield your speakers/head unit without impacting your signal. You'll have the same issue with an FM modulator. GSM data use produces RF interference.

    Sorry, I misunderstood your original question/issue, thanks for clarification.
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    Thanks for the info! I have a year left on my Cingular plan. Maybe I'll have to switch to a different non-GSM provider when I'm able to.

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