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    I was browsing ebay and just found a Treo 700P. I wondered how long it would be. Below is the link.
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    third thread on the first 700P on ebay
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    This guy is selling phones he doesn't even have in stock yet! Nice.
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    My favortie part is that he gets his shipment in EARLY may. I think it is May 18th.
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    NO NO NO NO..The real best part is the restocking FEE he charges if you aren't satisfied.

    25% of the price of the phone
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    My favorite part is that he seems to deal mostly with shoes in prior deals.
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    he lives close to me (like 40 min)

    called his number, went straight to voicemail.

    ...never returned my call as well, scammer alert
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    Would you really buy something that expensive from someone with only 7 positive feedback
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    nice picture of the 600P in the foreground...
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    The auction got pulled by eBay.

    Smells like fraud to me.

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