First - is there a board that has LOTS of software info? I need a board not a yahoo group, and haven't been in the Palm groove for so long, I have no clue where else to hang out but here I like it here - but you guys all seem to have different needs than this poor ole homeschooling mom has! (who, for the record, does NOT miss that high-tech job she used to have - and does feel like she is crazy for being home ALL DAY with her kids, but wouldn't have it any other way!)

Second, I have downloaded a trial of Health File Plus, and own and have used in the past Health Empowerment Tools.

BUT, HET crashed my CLIE bad, and i'm reluctant to try it on the 650 since it hasn't been upgraded in awhile.

I need to track a couple of things. I'm "lucky" enough to have had since january, my 10yo diagnosed with Scoliosis and facing a brace at her september re-check. THEN, my soon to be 7yo was just last week diagnosed with Growth Hormone issues, and a genetic issue that might require the need of additional hormone shots.

Can you say - OVERLOAD?

SO, I need to be able to track their appointments obviously (this is why i upgraded to the Treo from my Clie), and medications for DD2 - growth hormones, glucose, height & weight, other meds, and for DD1 I need height and doctor summaries (having a field that would track her curves would be GREAT!!!).

HealthFile Plus looks great - i was playing with it last night and got the appointments from it to the calendar. BUT, it won't track/graph height for me. HET does, but well, there is the crashing issue.

I have suggested height on their website, and plan on emailing them now that that started working again (it's been a FUN week - not!). But thought i'd ask if anyone had, or had seen something geared more towards pediatrics or special needs.

Thanks for your help in this matter (if you have any!), my overloaded brain appreciates it!