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    I bought a new 650 this week, I had bought a variety of software a couple of years ago for my Clie - thru both Handango and Palm Gear.

    Apparently I didn't access my accounts there often enough, and they purged me (same for my Dad).

    No problem, i went to my old laptop that still had Outlook on it (i've switched from a PC to Mac since). WRONG, I archived off those messages... and now the computer can't read burned CD's. SIGH.

    So, i've gotten my DateBk5 code from CESD. And, of the ones i've bought i really really want Bejewled back (LOL - still my fav) - but i see they are being distributed by someone else now.

    Anyway, I was just wonder who you have had luck getting past codes from? Do you think there is a way handango could find me - ie, is it worth the time to email them??

    Darn it, don't rely on keeping emails for purchases!! (and, a cross country move thrown in to boot!).
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    Put these codes in Splash ID. And keep backups of your Splash ID database (both Treo and desktop).
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    I used to use Turbopassword(cloak) and now use Splash ID. Everytime I buy Software, I put alll codes into SplashID with the date purchased, who from, email used account and activation numbers and I copy and paste emails into the "notes" section. I know that doesn't help now but is a good idea for the future.

    I've always had good luck with customer service at both palmgear and handango. I'd contact them.
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    Thanks, I will email them. Hopefully they will be able to find me. Even though some of them won't have the codes - i don't expect to loose everything. Heck, PeanutPress/eReader had all my books still!

    And, i'll add SplashID to the list to buy. I kind of need the 650 to be the cheap part this time around

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