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    Every time I try to open a file with Docs to Go, my phone resets. It doesn't matter if I've converted the file to DTG format with the quick install, or if I just copy it directly to my card as a Word file. Nothing works.

    I really don't want to pay $30 for an upgrade, but I'm not sure what to do.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Nevermind! I searched around the DataViz site for support and was able to fix the problem. But if anyone sees any advantages to upgrading, I'd love to hear about it.
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    PDFtoGo was my reason to upgrade. And I thought the free
    "BEIKS Dictionay+Thesaurus" would be good.

    If you don't need the above, stick with the 7.xxxx version.
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    I always believed that I should always update my apps, but if theres a charge for it, i'd pay for it if I need the extra service/update. For example Docs to go I own 8.00, at this time I don't need the 8.03 with PDF. Since I've been out of work (due to being ill) I need PDF anymore. Bottom line, if you don't need it yet, don't pay for it .
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    I upgraded after a lot of consideration. Maybe it is just my imagination, but it seems that version 8 is more stable and has had less problems.

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