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    does anyone use the Documents to go that came with your Treo650?

    whats the difference between "word to go" and MS Word" or "sheet to go" and "MS Excel" ? the applications look the same, and i'd like to delete word to go and sheet to go to free up some space.

    is there any difference? thanks.
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    uh, why don't you just move them to your SD card? (if you use one, and if you don't WHY NOT?)

    It should be the same program reading both types of similar files (word/word to go) excel/sheet to go)
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    well i have a 1gb card, but my question was, do I need BOTH wordtogo and sheettogo, when it does the exact same functions as MS Word and MS Excel?!

    I mean why have both programs, can someone explain the difference to me? thanks.
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    DTG can open and save (and edit) files in native MS Office formats (handled by MS Excel) or converted to a smaller file format called "xx to Go". The Sheets to go handles files in that format.

    In DTG 8, I see only Sheet To Go. I don't see a MS Excel file on the Treo.

    You can move all these applications to the SD card as well, search for DataVizTech tool.
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    The MS Word and Excel formats are both native formats. The Word to Go or Sheet to go are converted fomats by Docs to go. I think the conversion makes the documents smaller than the native format. The MS format is good if you want to send docs from your Treo email to others. That way it will be in the native format for anyone else to read.

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