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    After using Palm devices 1997-2005, I have probably close to $1K worth of Palm (and Treo specific) software. Although I've used WM devices for 18 months, I don't have a problem with returning to POS. It is pretty easy to upgrade a few apps.

    However, so far I see a couple of apps which don't seem to have POS equivalents:

    Skype (free US/Canada calling through 2006)
    Slingplayer (I've already invested in and love my Slingbox and not interested in Orb)

    Have any long-time Palm users been chatting up Slingmedia and Skype and know that they are planning enter the POS arena?

    Is there a Skype equivalent for POS users?
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    Hmmm. I still don't see Palm devices supported on the Skype website.

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