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    I really hate that. I assume since the 650 uses "minutes" that they disconnect u becuase they don't want a lot of people complaining when they go way over their limit.

    Will the 700p's DUN fee change that? If it doesnt use your minutes will you be able to leave it connected (inactive) for as long as u want. I think the 650s usefulness was often limited as DUN because u had to work fast or u were disconnected.
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    There is an option for immediate disconnect (maybe you have that set?) but my 650 stays connected for about an hour after I stop using it.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    There is an option on 650 to keep connection when phone is on.
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    My Sprint 650 doesn't disconnect me AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    where is this option? A friend of mine at work has a 650 and whenever he opens up blazer he has to go through signing on, while mine just opens up the page, no signing on. Where is this setting?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm going to join and chorus: mine stays connected just fine.

    Do you go in and out of coverage a lot?
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    Mine stays connected , we are in the same office.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Out of curiosity, do you use Versamail to autofetch? I wonder if that could be disconnecting you. I had so many problems with that app that I switched back to using Snappermail.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Maybe I should clarify to make sure we are talking about the same thing. When you do bluetooth DUN on the sprint treo 650, yours stays connected for 1 hr!?
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    I think Scott is on to something I use chatter, and have it checking every minute. My friend uses versamail and doesn't have versamail setup to autofetch.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm using my 650 as a modem with my powerbook g4. Do u think that the mac is telling the treo to disconnect? I never thought of that.
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    My Treo stays connected while using BT DUN with my Powerbook. When my dsl was out I had to use it for a week, it stayed connected for hours. I kept it in it's charger. I never got disconnected from Sprint's network, this confirmed how great the network is for me I appreciated them letting me use their network, I'm bummed that the 700p probably won't allow me to do this.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I've read threads on the 650 and some have reported it with the 700w. I'm just using the BT manager that comes with the treo 650. I wonder if PDAnet would avoid this problem. When I use my 650 as a modem, it stays connected as long as i am doing something, downloading, checking email, web, but if i stop to read a page too long (1 min or so) it auto disconnects.

    I just figured it had to do with it using "minutes" to use treo as dial up modem. But if thats not the case are u guys telling me there is a way to fix it.

    I was just thinking, if the treo 700p's data plan is different then I wouldnt have to worry about it auto disconnecting, but be able to use it as a modem and leave it connected to the internet most of the day!

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