I would like to see a complete listing of all the 700p S/W included Free in the Box. If not free, then show the price/annual fee. If it is in the box including CD ROM, then Palm should have tested to make sure it does not cause crashes.

PLEASE ADD OR CHANGE THIS LIST so we do not have to read hundreds of posts to get the data.

Blazer Free
Calculator Free
Calendar Free
Camcorder Free
Camera Free
Card Info Free
Documents to Go
Word ?
PowerPoint ?
Adobe PDF Reader ?
HotSync Free
Memos Free
Phone Free
Camera/Video Free
Pocket Tunes Free
Pocket Tunes Delux ?
Tasks Free
Voice Memo Free
World Clock Free

Voice Dialing ?

I look forward to seeing this one list expanded.

Best Regards, Frank
complete listing of all the 700p included