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    I just drop my Treo650 into a pail of water.......yah i on earth can one be so careless.

    I have taken the phone apart and the fan is blowing at it. How long should i wait before i put the phone back together and test the phone? I'm really keeping my fingers cross that it will work once dried

    I hope those who has experience with the Treo650 taking a swim could tell me what to expect.

    I recall there was a thread asking if there was a white sticker in the Treo650 that turns red when it gets water.....well.....i'm here to confirm that YES....there are 2 of such stickers on my Treo650. One at the battery compartment and the other is in the phone itself....near the speaker. It turned blood red

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    Put a little heat into it with a ligh buld about 10 inches away or put it in the sun on a window sill. Unless you live in a low humidity area a fan only will never get all the water out.
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    I realize that there are 3 metal covers on the PCB board. I guess it's covering some components. Looking at the way it is soldered to the board, i really don't see how water will get out of it This is a nightmare
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    Sorry that your Treo took a swim. Here's what seems to be key advice while it's drying out:

    Do not turn it on at all during that time.

    People have successfully recovered their Treos from similar accidents. Here are methods I've read have worked for folks and that the Treo seems able to bounce back from water damamge:

    1. Let it dry out in a dry, sunny place for several days to a week.
    2. Put it in an airtight container with a couple of packets of silica gel for few days to a week.
    3. Dousing it with 90% rubbing alcohol, then letting it dry out.

    I have no personal experience, so can't claim they work. If you do a search here or other boards for just the word "water", you'll get more info.
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    hmmmm.....airtight container with a couple of packets of silica gel is a good idea. I have one that i keep my camera in to make sure it stays dry at all time.'s been in front of the fan for about 4 hours now and my hands are getting ichy wanting to fix it back to test.
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    Quick question: was the phone on when it went for it's swim?

    I'm assuming it was, at the very least the radio was on, so I wonder if there are any failsafe mechanisms that would shut the phone down when it suffered some kind of surge or short.

    I'd echo the advice of others: wait until you know that it's dry then wait a little longer, using a different drying method to make sure. The last thing you want is a tiny bit of moisture to render a recoverable device into an eBay "for parts" listing...
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    If you dont have the erge to turn it on after about 2 weeks it will be fine but 100% stick to the rule of not turning it on and the step by step process posted by bheuss
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    You mean i have to keep the Treo650 open for a week or 2? I was actually thinking of going back this evening after work to fix it up and test it. Man.....this is really a nightmare. I'm back using my Treo270

    hotbranch: Yes, the radio was on but i notice one thing......the minute the Treo took the dive, it reseted itself and before it loaded the PALM Screen, i removed the battery.

    LCD don't seem to have water in it. That i should be thankful for. My hands are really getting ichy and wanting to put it back together
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    Next time make sure your treo is safe before you sit on the bowl... or close the seat before you pick yer pants up...

    Kidding... let me know how this works out for you... Hopefully you'll be back up and running soon.
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    Just to update you guys........after about 22 hours since my Treo650 took a swim, i decided to put the phone back together and try it's working fine

    Now how to i change the red dot to white again?

    I figured if my room temperature is 32 C, it should dry up enough in 22 hours

    Thanx for all the suggestions guys.

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