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    My LED on my T650 just quit working. I didn't change anything. It shows red when charging and connecting or disconnecting from GPRS and blinks orange when for a bit when I first connect and it's looking for signal, but once it finds the signal and indicates "Cingular," the blinking stops. It won't blink green. I like the blinking green!
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    Check general preferences on the phone screen & make sure blink green LED is checked.
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    That option isn't there.
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    The wierd thing is that it does blink orange when there is no signal ("No service - SOS only").
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    Download Butler trial & use it to "Reset LED." See if that works. If it does, consider buying Butler (I like it).
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    I already bought Butler about 4 months ago and have been using it. I tried that option and it didn't fix it. I also uninstalled Butler to see if it was CAUSING the problem and it wasn't.
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    thats a problem I like. I hate that light. eating battery and glowing in the dark. but, did you see your problem before you had butler? I have my butler set up to stop the light.
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    I like the light.

    No, the problem just started when I did a custom ROM. And, I didn't delete anything that had anything to do with any system stuff. I also just used the Cingular updater and only deleted Versamail, RealPlayer and World Clock. That's it. Oh, and the Fat32 driver.
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    Had to hard-reset phone and manually re-install all PIM data and apps.

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