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    On a recent trip to Europe the proliferation of chargers for so many devices was beginning to wear me down.

    I see there is a company called ComboTronics advertising in PC Magazine a universal charger for pdas, phones, laptops, etc. One transformer, some adapters, you're done.

    But I see no evidence that they sell here.

    Does anyone have a solution?
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    I have been using iGo for a few years. One adapter for laptop, cellphone, Tungsten and now my Treo. It allows charging from AC, cig lighter and airplane power. It's always in my suitcase. I has a problem once and received very good customer service.
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    Sounds like a good idea, *googles iGo*
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    I've been using an iGo for a year or two. Charges my laptop and my treo. Quite nice... except it died on me yesterday. In the middle of Holland... all my backup power at home...

    I found a store that sold a Targus universal supply. I needed something so I bought it. I'm guessing this puppy is built by the iGo people. Uses the same adapters. i'm able to use my iGo extra power cord that charges the Treo and plug it into the Targus.

    So I'm thinkin that you should check prices on iGo and Targus and go with whichever one is cheapest since they seem to be built by the same folks.

    Of course, I'd expect a power supply to last longer than my iGo, so maybe be a bit wary of both.

    Now I've got all these lovely European cords with nice European plugs on the end, but I won't be able to plug the silly thing in when I get back to the states...
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    I'll second iGo. I keep my entire charger kit in my little iGo bag. Rather than having to hunt down and pack up various chargers, I just reach for my iGo bag, confident that I have all my chargers.
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