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    Hey all,

    I have my Gmail set up to work from Versamail (which it is for now), and also to download in Outlook, however, if my Outlook DL the email first then Veramail won't download, and likewise if Versamail DL's first then Outlook won't DL the email. When I log in gmail the new email is still unread, as if it was brand new. So why arn't these programs both DL the emails?
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    In Gmail you have to distinguish between the original webmail interface and POP3 access. Gmail's philosophy is that you never need to delete email again. POP usually downloads all emails on an account. Therefore Google has implemented POP differently here. A mail can only be downloaded once, therefore it is not possible (like I had it before with Versamail and another free POP account) to tell the Treo NOT to delete the mail from the server and finally download it in Outlook.

    What I do now is to forward my Gmail to another IMAP (IDLE) account and have it pushed to the Treo with Chatteremail. With this setup if have it on my Treo, on my Outlook and also on Webmail separately and it works very well for me.
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    Thank you. This seems like my best solution also. I did not know that about Gmail, though, thanks.

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