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    I think I'm in the right forum. It's harware I want to protect! I just made the plunge and bought a new 650 on ebay. I'll be using a cingular sim until my verizon contract expires and I switch to t-mobile. Phone comes with a factory warranty, but I want to get one that will cover loss, breakage, etc. Lockline's website sounds like only offers through carriers. Any hints on where to look for what I need? At a reasonable price? Must be something out there. Even if I had bought from Cingular they won't insure it, someone must! Thanks.
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    I could not add it to my homeowners policy and my carrier is t-mobile, so I bought coverage for my 650 at:
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    Thanks for the lead. I was wondering the same thing. Sprint never offered insurance. I'll call them first and if nothing, I'll check out mobileprotech.

    Anyone have experience with them?
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder

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