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    Alright... new member here, but I've been reading the forums for a month or so now. I bought a 650 through Amazon for $199 after a sprint rebate of $150. Got the phone, called up Sprint and set up a $30 SERO plan on the first try! This was about ten days ago. If I were to call up retentions and complain that I'm canceling my account because I don't want a 650 now that the 700 is out, do you guys think they'd cut me a deal? Am I in a good position since I'm still under my 14 day cancellation period?
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    just return it to amazon

    hey what did u tell sprint to get em to give you the sero plan?
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    Return the phone to amazon and then what?

    I just asked for the SERO plan... I was opening a new line of service (switching from AT&T) and told them I was referred by a Sprint employee. They never asked for an email, although I had one. The CSR went away for a moment after I requested the plan then came back and said it was only availiable for people who had been referred by a employee. I said I was referred by an employee and he signed me up.
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    It's unlikely they'd let you double dip on the new customer discount, even if you intend to return the 650.

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