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    is that while on blazer or verichat there's no way for me to know what time it is other then going back to the dialer, but when I do that I have to reload whatever page I was on with blazer..

    not a biggy, just wondering if there's anyway to fix this?

    I'm assuming not.
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    Use QLaunch and set one of the buttons for "popup time".
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    There are a ton of 3rd-party freeware or shareware pop-up utils for this. I highly recommend KeyGuardTime+. AkUtils is another good option, although it requires a DA launcher such as McPhling.

    Do a search for something like "free clock app," and I'm sure you'll find a bunch of options.
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    You could do what I do, get a watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmair
    You could do what I do, get a watch.
    Now that was funny...
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    Just press and hold the centre button of the d-pad. The clock is shown in the alerts screen. No additional software required.

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