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    I currently have a 600. I am eligible for the $150 rebate on 6/1/06. I currently have a fair and flexible plan with unlimited text messaging and unlimited PCS Vision for $10. I currently use PDANet occasionally to connect to the internet when I am in the airport or something. Its just a good feature to have incase you need to get connected somewhere. My question is, if I get the 700p will they make me change my plan? If not will I still be able to use PDANet and just connect at a lower speed? I would like to get the EVDO speeds but not an a extra monthly cost. It seems that is the case but I just want to clarify.
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    I have been told by reps that if you get a PowerVision phone, you have to get a PowerVision plan. Some people here have said that there is a way around this, but most haven't been too forthcoming about how to do it. I believe it has something to do with doing an ESN swap.
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    I have had the 300, 600, and presently the 650. I was very excited at the pending release of the 700P, but with the pricing for a DUN plan I will keep my 650.
    I pay $111 per month (all taxes included) with three phones on my plan. 2000 anytime, free sprint to sprint, free nights & weekends begining at 7 PM. I also have free unlimited vision on all 3 phones, and unlimited text on all 3. I tether maybe once a week, a little more when I go out of town. I like to have the tethering option, but I don't use it enough to pay the new pricing. So unfortunately, I will be staying with the 650. I would like to have the newest gadget. The price of the 700 is not the problem, but the price of the power vision is. I don't want to screw up the great deal I have now. Maybe sprint will make changes to their power vision plans down the road, as they did when vision first came out years ago.
    If Orb ever gets the video streaming to the 650, I'll be fine.
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