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    There are many threads about how much will some of the plans cost with the 700P but it started to make me think with all the other services I pay just how much is it costing me to always be connected? or you could think of it in terms of how often do you need to be connected and how much are you willing to pay for it?

    The cost to always be connected:
    1. DSL or cable at home __________________________$20-$40
    2. Since free WiFi isn't everywhere but Starbucks is
    ___many have a T-Mobile account _________________$30
    3. You need to be able to check email & browse on
    ___the road on with your Treo ____________________ $15 (Sprint)
    4. When there is no WiFi, EVDO PAM charge__________ $40
    Total to be always connected (just data no voice)____ $105-$145/month

    *Keep in mind this is figuring an annual contract with T-Mobile otherwise it would be $10 more a month and the data rate for Sprint is on the cheap side compared to Verizon which would be $30 more a month for unlimited and $20 more a month for PAM.
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