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    I will occasionally look at my Treo while it sits in my car or on my desk and notice that the flashing green strobe has switched over to its yellow data mode for a few seconds, even though I have no resident programs like Chatter installed that could make a "data call" without being manually prompted.

    Is this normal, or do I have some leftover remnant of a program like Chatter (which I installed and removed at one point) that continues to reach out and "touch someone"?
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    I've noticed mine has also been doing this for the last few weeks (VZW). Anyone have any ideas?
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    Could be some kind of network update, but i woul dhave though its a program you have installed or a wrong setting some where. Best thing to do is have a look at your bill and ee if you are being charged if your are you know its something your end, if your not you dont have to worry about it.
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    The only two programs that I ever had on my Treo - both deleted now - were Verichat and Chatter. I just checked my files and noted that all of the files that were part of the download packages have been removed. Unless they spawned new files/programs internally I SHOULD THINK that these aren't the culprits.
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    I get the yellow strobe when the network has issues. When I check the treo and it's flashing yellow, the display usually says "SOS Emergency Use Only" I assume the Cingular network has went down and I'm on a non-roaming partners cell site.


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