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    According to PC Mag

    "Starting in July, the Treo 700p and all Sprint devices will be able to roam onto Alltel's high-speed EV-DO network in 11 cities at no extra charge, adding to the dozens of cities already covered by Sprint's EV-DO network."
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    Oddly, Sprint already has EVDO in just about all Alltel markets. The benefit will be when Alltel rolls out EVDO in areas Sprint does not plan to... in rural areas. Another benefit is slow speed 1xRTT roaming in rural areas that Sprint does not cover.

    Sprint's EVDO rollout plans are significant. They plan to go from 150m to 190m coverage by end of this year and nearly 100% of network by end of next year. Alltel will fill in gaps in rural areas.

    Check out Sprint's EVDO maps... Orange is current and yellow is planned EVDO by end of THIS year...
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