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    I just got a free Treo 600 from my brother, and he cancelled the service. All i want it for would be wifi, and since those wifi sleds are over 100 bucks and the sd card slot is underpowered for sd card wifi adapters, i was wondering if a volt mod would work. People do volt mods on motherboards and video cards for extra power with those, so could you give the sd slot more power? If no energy could be sacrificed from other parts, then maybe even a 9v battery or something? depends on the voltage needed, but yeah you get the basic idea of it. Ill open it up later and take a look see

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    Isn't the SD WiFi card just as expensive or not much cheaper than the wifi sled? Also, even if you get enough voltage supplied to the expansion slot, you're going to have an issue with drivers for the SD wifi card. People had some success with hacking a 650 to work with the drivers, but it didn't work perfectly.

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