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    I think you're confused - the 650 had MAJOR bluetooth issues, but the bluetooth on the 700P rocks!

    I'm charging that darn headset, can't wait to try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karlz
    I think you're confused - the 650 had MAJOR bluetooth issues, but the bluetooth on the 700P rocks!

    I'm charging that darn headset, can't wait to try it out.
    I had the 650 and I'm using now a 700p. The BT with the 700p is way better than with the 650. However, there are times when the bluetooth gets disconnected for no reason, but at least you know and you can reconnect it.
    I'm not saying the BT is worst than on the 650. I'm saying it is still not as good as it should be.

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    New to the forum, but been using Palm phones since my Prism with the slot phone.

    I have been waiting for this headset for a couple months. Jumped on it when it came out. Big disappointment. With the 650 I can't even wear the phone on my belt and not have static. I'm hoping I can send it back to palm, we'll see.

    It worked line of sight for a couple feet and I got about 1.5 hrs talk time. But that certainly isn't good enough performance for daily use and $130.

    Can anyone recommend and alternate? I prefer in-the-ear for road noise.

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    Hello all:

    Let me first of all say that in 99% of the cases with Bluetooth issues, I truly believe that the Treo 650 BT software is to blame.

    That being said, I have tried so many different headsets: Motorola (horrible!), the Scala (fair), the NXzen (horrible!), Plantronics Discovery 640 (pretty good). Recently I was pretty interested in the Sony hbh-610 (with which I was using generic ear gels that I found at an electronics store, by the way), but found the headset to be not very comfortable. In addition, the DSP (Digital Sound Processing) on it was sketchy.

    I then finally got a Discovery 645, which I really thought would be the winner. I was so wrong. It was an unbelievable POS---and I took that back. The battery time was horrible, the sound was not very good, and it would always lose the connection. Again, I don't totally blame Plantronics, I blame Palm and their poor BT software.

    But before I returned the hbh-610 or the Discovery 645, I got a Plantronics Voyager 510. It did not have DSP, and was the cheapest of the three. I did tests with a friend on the phone and kept switching between the 645, the hbh-610, and the Voyager. Although the Voyager was not awesome, it won hands down for clarity, he told me. It also is quite comfortable, very loud in my ear, and has a good battery life. It doesn't have the DSP, and again it isn't awesome, but it is quite good. And to be honest, my range is about 10 feet with it as well! The BT headset will never be as clear as a corded headset, but I don't want to take a chance with the Treo's poorly constructed headset jack and then disable my phone. So I have found that the Voyager 510 is the lessor of any evils.

    Hope that helps! Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,

    Magic Jedi
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    OK, so am I getting this right? Most of you guys are saying that the Platronics 640 is better than the 645 for the Treo 700p and 650???

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    The 510 is probably the best all-around BT headset as long as you don't mind the size. All of the new headsets with DSP sound pretty bad. Too much voice clipping. If you want something small, the AX2 Pro is by far the best with the 640 coming in second along with the JX10 (the DSP is pretty weak and therefore doesn't mess up the sound too much).
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