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    Okay, I see where we will be able to get Sprint TV on our 700p's (assuming we signup for the appropriate Power Vision account). I looked on the Sprint website and see that Sprint TV includes Fox News Channel, The Weather Channel, NBC, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Animal Planet, and more. Are these the same channels as you see you actual TV? In other words if I access ESPN on Sprint TV am I watching the same ESPN as if I were watching regular TV or is it some type of abbreviated phone only version? I am very excited about being able to do this.
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    Is WGN available? If I am watching As The Treo Turns and I receive a call, can I pick it up or does it go to voicemail? Can I record video segments DVR-like with appropriate software? If a trains leaves a station traveling at 75 MPH, and a car leaves the same station 30 minutes later, can the Treo tell me which one will get there first?
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    I think Sprint TV is just a rebranded MobiTV. If so, some of the channels are the same as broadcast but others have different content.
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    If you are looking for live sports, I wouldn't expect it. You'll probably just get ESPN news and blackouts on networks when showing sports.
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    With MobiTV, ESPN always had content but that was definately a channel that was not the same as broadcast and nothing was live.
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    I have the sprint tv thing on my A900 and honestly, I NEVER EVER use it. Not even when I'm bored on the toilet taking a dump. I really miss the 650 blazer for those occassions. Okay, too much info.

    Anyway, all the channels I watched were brief recordings that were looped. For ex: the ABC channel would record a 5 min news "show", loop it, and update it maybe a couple times a day?

    I just really wasn't impressed.
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    Yea, I beta tested mobiTV and while it sounds very cool, I hardly ever used it.
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    I got MobiTV when it first came out for the WOW factor, but too have used it little. My experience with MobiTV stopped me from signing up for SprintTV when it launched. It has come in handy from time to time when I wanted to get an idea of what was going on in the world and had access to nothing else.

    With the faster speed from EVDO and Sprint's partnership with the cable industry I'm gonna try SprintTV to check out the difference.
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    I'm sure Sprint TV will be a more pleasant experience due to EV-DO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    I'm sure Sprint TV will be a more pleasant experience due to EV-DO.
    It will be if it's been optimized for EVDO speeds. If not, then it might suck.

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    what's the difference between mobitv and sprinttv? different channels?
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    I have MobiTv and as far as sports, the NFL network channel is delayed but pretty consistant with the live feed. But I believe EVDO will close the gap on the delay.
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    I saw in another thread that Sprint's $15 powervision includes just 4 non-live channels.
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    Ya know I remember reading somewhere that Sprint was in the process of getting more live channels. With so many new Ev-DO phones coming out, they really want to push this forward. Only a very small amount of people even wish to use TV on their phone. Then again, many said the same for text messaging not too long ago. That's why Sprint really wants to promote this. If they are successful, they may have Verizon by the balls since Verizon isn't really pushing forward a TV service. However, I think it may end up being the other way around. Verizon has downloadable music, while Sprint is pushing for the TV. I think more people are interested in using music on their phone. Quick poll, who likes music? *YAY!* Who likes TV? *BOO!* Well there you have it. It will be interesting to see what happens. Hurray for another reason to ban cellphones from restaurants, schools, and other public places. I, for one, am all for being rebellious with my cellphone.

    P.s. I just saw today, the Motorola Q (which is another Ev-DO phone) will be coming to Sprint and Verizon as early as next week. Hmmmm. Why wasn't that on the playbook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnceUponAn00b
    P.s. I just saw today, the Motorola Q (which is another Ev-DO phone) will be coming to Sprint and Verizon as early as next week. Hmmmm. Why wasn't that on the playbook?
    I just noticed this last night too. Not to jack the thread, but I think it was off the radar because this thing has been getting delayed for over half a year already. I'm interested in reading more about it... but I dont think it'll have WiFi - the only thing I'm really missing off the Treo.

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