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    I recently found out Sprint has been charging me for Business Connection AND Vision for the past 3 months and they won't refund me. they said I activated it from my treo and I never did! I assume because it was an accidental click. How do I kill the bugger so it won't happen again? I tried with Filez but it said it wouldn't because its a db entry or something. I turned off that attribute and it still did it. Thanks for any help.
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    Get BC is in ROM. You would need to do a custom rom to get rid of it. This thread gives additional information about custom ROMs. Of course, you could just put the Get BC shortcut into a category that you don't use so that it isn't easily accessible. That wouldn't remove the program but might help prevent accidental use.
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    Or hide it altogether using an application like "Obfuscate"
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