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    We have 8 users using RDP to connect to our Terminal Server. It is great because their desktop and programs are always the same no matter where they are and they don't need a dedicated PC like when we used gotomypc. They log into a remote session and have full access to Exchange via Outlook as well as other software installed on the server.

    I would like to install Hotsync manager on the terminal server and allow people to hotsync to their exchange data through RDP. After all, when you connect to RDP you can connect serial ports (does that include USB too?) from your local machine to the remote environment. This way, no one would need a dedicated desktop in the office. Is this possible?

    Alternatively, can we make one old computer dedicated for hotsyncing and have our 4 executive Treo users plug in to that computer to hotsync with their exchange data on the network? That is not preferred since it would require being at the computer but would still be a good alternative to everyone using their own desktop.

    Any help that can be offered would be very much appreciated.
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    There are a couple RDP clients for palmos like MobileTS and Remote Plus:

    It probbly would probably be possible to sync via this imo...
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    If you'd like to use Windows 2K or 2K3 Server, I'd suggest attempting install of Palm Desktop on a non production machine.

    I previously attempted this same setup on a Win2K machine and ended up having to reinstall the OS. I think I tried installing Win2K3 but Palm desktop failed to install.

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