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    I don't think Sprint even has them in stock yet.
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    I just called sprint customer service and inquired when I could call and place an order for a 700P by phone. They told me May 21st. First, that's a Sunday! Little strange...Secondly, all the TreoCentral traffic is stating that you would have to sign up BY May 21st to take advantage of the DUN discount of $39.99/month. So am still confused! I just want to place my order ASAP and not get the--"we are out of stock, please wait 3-4 weeks..." Can anybody else confirm or (hopefully) deny the 21st and give a "real" date when we can expect to be able to place an order on Palm's website, by phone c sprint or walk into a sprint store?
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    Just an FYI - I just called and spoke to a sales rep, and:

    A) She had no idea what the Treo 700p was...
    B) She had no idea when it would be released...
    C) Was kind of surly when I told her it was a Sprint phone, and should be out soon.

    So there you go. I'd say it's not in the pipeline yet...

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