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    So I recently bought the T-Mobile SDA. I'll say I love it, but there is no QWERTY keypad! I've realized it's one thing I just CAN'T live without. So, I'm looking at something different. In my opinion, the MDA would be nice (could go for it if I had to, but would rather have something different) the 700w would be my dream (To bad I live in Alaska and the only good service up here is Cellular One GSM), and the VX6700 wouldn't be bad, (NO GSM ) So I think I would need to settle for the Treo 650. However, WiFi is a must have! Up here, unlimited data plans are $80 a month, no ifs ands or buts. Drives me nuts... Also, I would be using this as a media device. One of the main reasons I bought the SDA was for the dedicated media buttons. Would the Treo 650 be just as good?

    Would juggling the WiFi hack and card plus my SD music card be a hastle with a case?

    Your thoughts?

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    If you really need the WiFi, then the Enfora sled would be a must-have for a 650.

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